The ID card god fake ID card that makes the bodyguard headache


Statistics on the use of fake IDs among college students nationwide are hard to pin down, but a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an unnamed Mid-Atlantic public university, found that 66 percent of students admitted to using fake IDs at least once. While students may see this trend as an accepted norm, the proliferation of these real-world IDs is also causing headaches for bouncers, bartenders, and business owners.

Bruno’s Uptown Tavern is a popular university pub within walking distance of the Loyola and Tulane campuses and attracts a lively crowd of students throughout the academic year. Bar owner David Melius said the age of entry at the bar was 18 and over, but the drinking age was 21 and over, meaning bartenders and doormen were trained to detect counterfeits and wanted to avoid being caught. It is so easy to be found out, then you should go to best fake id sites to buy fake id with good recognition and scannable.
For some botched fake IDs “I would say we basically have a pick,” Melius said. “I don’t think anyone would be naive to think that someone wouldn’t, every now and then, slip through the system, here or anywhere, but we’ve been sincerely trying to get people of all ages to drink,” Melius said. .

Melius, who has been in the business for 45 years, said that while the issue of fake ID cards is not new, the quality of ID cards has changed significantly, creating new challenges.

“Technology has gotten so good now that you can order stuff online at and here’s the best fake id. I think kids used to make their own with glue and tape, but those days are over,” Merry Erth said.
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Melius admits that even students under the age of 21 are an invaluable crowd when it comes to choosing food and hanging out with friends in the evening. But the law always comes first.

“We were charged with serving someone under the age of 21,” he said. “Our (alcohol) license is a very valuable tool, we have lost it, we are desperate to get it and will do everything we can to protect it.”
Bruno sometimes uses scanners to distinguish fake IDs from real ones, but most checks fall on doormen and bartenders.

“Some people can see from the shadows on the face on the ID card, some people have letters on the ID card and can’t find it in any state. But they can usually be seen because of the lack of depth in the image. Bruno’s general manager Wei Wei said it himself, Wilson said.

While many states have taken significant steps to try to address false identities, bars in densely populated areas of colleges may not always keep up, Wilson said.

“It certainly works in these states, but when you’re dealing with college bars that serve out-of-state students like we do, the constant change becomes a roadblock for us,” Wilson said. “Sometimes we reject people with fake IDs, and as a result Proving they’re REAL IDs, we hate it.”