• Scannable Fake ID Nevada
  • Scannable Fake ID Nevada
  • Scannable Fake ID Nevada

Scannable Fake ID Nevada

Price:    $  125
Group Price
  • 1-3 IDS $120.00
  • 4-8 IDS $80.00
  • 9+ IDS $60.00


Available Cards: State ID & Driver’s license of Nevada.

Term: As of 01/01/14, 8 years for all new applicants; 8-year renewal for holders with an even birth year; 4 years for holders with an odd birth year.

Number: 10 digits; older issues may show 12 digits.

Template: Current design validates Nevada licenses issued by the DMV.


  • State seal overlaps photo; perforated state outline overlaps ghost image.
  • Desert Bighorn Sheep; Real ID.
  • Repeating state seal printed in UV (HOLOGRAM); changes color as license is titled.
  • Fine-line background; microprinting. Back has bird, duck, “BATTLE BORN,” microprinting.

Scannable Features:

  • As of 1/14/18, mailing address may include PO box, except Real ID licenses must show Nevada residential address.
  • 1D (Inventory Number) followed by encoded (2D) QR code. Tested with PDF417 format.


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