Best fake ID card maker


As one of the best services available today, we decided to evaluate idgodvip, a fake US ID allegedly located in urban areas of the People’s Republic of China.

Minors use various other code names to worship “China Fakes” or “Ch God” etc., mainly due to their activities in China. They provide the simple factor; they believe that in a country like China, counterfeit business poses no risk to them because it is not a U.S. territory.

Several suppliers have actually been shut down in the past, one of which is said to be “ID Chief,” the notorious identity maker that was shut down after the US pressured the Chinese federal government to take tough action against suppliers because they ID is false
Fake and very real, they see it as a threat to national security.

Our blogging team ordered two fake IDs from Connecticut to serve as fake ID verification blogs, making sure to verify each vendor’s authenticity and highest quality through our personal experience.

We selected 2 bloggers from San Francisco, Golden State to buy 2 Connecticut driver’s licenses from idgodvip. We have countless records of this brand new ID God model being distributed to bars and grocery stores and scanned to perfect positives.

Blogger A and Blogger B are responsible for reviewing the confirmation records and deciding whether to place an order.

The process command of the idgodvip website to obtain the fake id is self-coded, which brings you a good dynamic effect. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to accurately select state, color, hair, weight, and various other identifying information.

It also provides another way to create a certificate number and adds details about your license number.

idgodvip is one of the few manufacturers in the US with more than 30 state licenses and a large customer base. And their productions are all idgod scannable, you can choose one of the order types.

It also gives you the option to use different payment methods such as Bitcoin – Best Payment Method, Western Union – Money Transfer, MoneyGram – Money Transfer, PayPal and Wire Transfer. And idgod prices are still cheap, starting at $60 (group orders).

Despite the simplicity of the website, the style is custom coded, and God’s policy has always been against using fake ID photos on their website because their customers appreciate what they offer and word of mouth increases their customer base.

Excellent shopping cart system and dynamic support team After submitting your order type, please take a few seconds to check your inbox and review the confirmation email from this supplier with the invoice number and information on how to track you Description of the delivery description ID.